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Legal Web SEO

Accomplishing great web design for your law firm website is only the first step in producing a complete online presence. In addition to your website, you also might consider a blog, social media profiles, videos, and podcasts. Although these may seem like overwhelming options, each can bring a unique aspect to your website to set it apart from your competitors’.


Blogging is no longer just an activity for those with too much time on their hands. Over the past decade, the platform has proven itself to be incredibly useful in various fields and industries, even those you might not associate with the internet. Blogging has become an excellent way to share information, thoughts and perspectives, and to connect with like-minded–and not so like-minded–individuals. A blog can benefit your website by increasing incoming traffic and establishing your firm as a voice of authority among your competitors.


Lawyers have been familiar with the video format for a while, and many have invested in expensive television commercials for their firm. However, video has become much cheaper through the internet, and creating an effective video for your firm can be simple and cost-effective. Law firms are only beginning to add video to their website, but those who do have noticed that it helps potential clients get familiar with their attorneys and make a decision on whether or not to move forward with their case. Some even post informational videos to educate their visitors and answer frequently asked questions.