Start Up Law Firm Tips – Attorney Bio

A professionally designed attorney website is one aspect of establishing an online presence. No matter how cutting-edge the design is, a website is a culmination of different things that work together to create something meaningful. Content is just as important as the design. We’ve already covered what makes a great landing page, so in today’s post, we’ll be covering how to get the most out of your attorney bio.

The attorney bio page is the page in which you sell yourself to your visitors. Anticipate and answer common questions that would pop into a visitor’s mind. It’s important to mention the following:

Practice Areas
Social Media
Languages spoken
Recent Case studies
Client Testimonials
Bar Admissions
Contact Information

If possible, add a photo of yourself to show your visitors. A photo not only depicts professionalism, it also puts visitors to ease. It shows that you’re a real person and not some robot. It portrays courage and confidence as most people online prefer to hide or stay anonymous. Pictures convey something more than words and sometimes all it takes is a smiling face to gain someone’s trust.

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